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I’ve always found jewelry to be a tricky thing to organize. Necklaces tangle easily, and if tucked away in a box, even our favorite pieces can be forgotten.

Since there are often stories woven into our beads and bling, they make for a nice, personal and somehow sentimental display. I like being able to see the chunky green glass beads made from recycled bottles that I got at Shambhala, the antique pearls my aunt gave me with jewels in the clasp, or the wrapped moonstone pendant made for me by I friend I’ve since lost touch with. Its like hanging photos from the wall, but in secret codes.

Until last week I had my necklaces tucked into and hung from a few different places. The necklaces in heavier rotation, I’d hang from a carved wooden hand I bought in Indonesia a few years ago.  Although I love the hand, it was sort of toppling over, and necklaces were getting knotted into each other beyond use. The rest, I had stashed in a drawer, in Ziploc bags.

I also have a little jewelry box that was given to me years ago by my late grandfather. It’s sort of kitsch, cheaply made, and not in the best condition, which somehow makes me like it all the more, and if you wind the crank on the bottom it plays the most delicately creepy little melody.  I like to imagine the bustling Tehran bazaar it might have come from, although I really have no idea where he got it.  Inside, I keep the few pieces I don’t really wear, but want to hang on to – the little babooshka doll earrings I got in Poland, flashy ‘diamond’ clip-ons I’m pretty sure I wore to a high school dance or two, and the flower earrings from Hawaii that Gill gave me when we were teenagers.

I wanted to display all my necklaces so I wouldn’t forget about them, but also needed a way that wouldn’t take up too much space, or put too many marks in the wall.  That this project was practically free, and took about fifteen minutes, was just icing on the cake.  Rich, buttery, chocolatey icing – meaning it was basically my main incentive.  I also like the natural, earthy aesthetic which is to be expected when your main material was found beach-combing.

Here’s what I did…


Step one: hammer some smaller nails into the branch.

Step two: hammer two larger, stronger nails into the wall and prop the branch on them.

Step three: hang jewelry from nails.

Step four: dispose of the Ziploc bags which previously ‘organized’ your necklaces.



  1. I love it! Thank you!

  2. Love to tutorial. Creative idea and beautiful pictures.

  3. That is such a simple & creative idea! I have all my necklaces around my bed posts, in a drawer & hanging on little jewelry racks that aren’t tall enough. Haha. So I’m definitely going to try this!

  4. Hey! I featured your tutorial on my blog. :) I love this idea! I love trees and this idea would work PERFECTLY with both my room and organization!


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